How To Train For A Marathon

Participating in any sports event takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you think that participating in a marathon is easy, then you are wrong. Though it might seem to be very easy as you have to run slowly and casually, a lot of hard work goes behind it. You need to train for months before you can participate in a marathon. Here are some tips that can help you.

Build your base mileage

You should run three to five times a week and build your weekly mileage. It should be more than 50 miles over four months. You must run at a relaxed pace; just the way you run at a park every morning.

Long run

The next step will be to do the long-distance run. You should do this once every 7 to 10 days. Every week you must extend the long run by a mile. Every three weeks do it 3 miles less, in this way you will not be injuring yourself. Do these runs at a slower pace so that your body gets adjusted to it. You must plan to run up to 20 miles at an advanced stage.

Speed run

This run will increase your aerobic capacity. You should do intervals and tempo runs. Interval runs means fast-paced runs at a short distance which is followed by a recovery period by doing jobs in between. The tempo runs is for 4 to 10 miles at a fast pace.


You should have some rest days, meaning you shouldn’t run on those days. This will give your body the time to recover and so protect you from injuries.

If you are thinking of participating in a marathon race, then you must start preparations early. Otherwise, there will be a high risk of injuries.