Strength Exercises That Can Improve Your Running

If you are going to participate in a race, then you must take good preparation for it. Apart from getting into a training program, you can do some strength training exercises to improve your running. Here are some exercises you must do.


Push-ups can strengthen your chest, arms, and shoulders. To do push-ups you must lie face down and the hands must be on either side of the chest. The toes must be tucked under. Then press down with the hands and raise the body from the floor. When the arms are fully stretched, lower the body down almost touching the floor. Repeat it a few times.

Dumbbell row

This exercise will strengthen your upper back to balance the chest strength.

lengthens the upper back to balance out chest strength. You must put your left knee along with one hand on a bench. Then take the dumbbell in the other hand. Extend your arm towards the floor and pull the dumbbell towards you. Then go back to the original position and repeat.

Tricep dips

This exercise will strengthen your arms and shoulders so that you can maintain an upright running posture. Then sit with the heel of the hands-on bench’s edge. You must take your body weight with your arms. Then by bending your elbows, lower your body. Then come back to the same position and repeat it.


This is good for the legworks. You must stand in front of a box and place one foot on the bench. Then push off your rear leg and step up. Your knee must be over the ankle of the supporting leg and your body must be tall.

Try these exercises days before your actual race. You will see a drastic improvement in your performance and your body will be conditioned for the race.