Are you serious about running? Then besides getting all that training you must read some books to help you learn more about running and marathon. You will not only get tips on training and exercise but will also know about eating a healthy meal. Here are some books that you can read.

The Runner’s Kitchen

By – Emma Coburn

This book is written by the world champion runner Emma Coburn. She has shared some of her favorite recipes that will be helpful for the runners. The recipes contain carbs, proteins, veggies, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. The healthy meal you prepare will help you to be fit for your next event.

The Comeback Quotient

By – Matt Fitzgerald

We often forget about the mental fitness needed in sports. We give a lot of time to training for physical fitness, but the mental side of it remains important as well. This book will help you to build your mental fitness to cope up with the stressful sports events. You will know how to control your mind and emotions no matter how challenging the situation becomes.

The Genius Of Athletes

By – Noel Brick and Scott Douglas

Here you will know what the world champions do and how their thinking process can change your life. You will adopt cognitive tools to navigate challenges. You will know how to apply those tools. You will know how to apply your athletic success to real life.

How She Did It

By – Sarah Slattery and Molly Huddle

The book will inspire young runners. It is written by two successful runners and they have shared their journey in this book. You will find many useful tips to become a good runner here.

These books will not only inspire you but will also lead you in the right direction to becoming a good runner. You must read these.